2 September 2010

Design Blog


This blog was created by me to keep track of and give information about my artwork and designs. My name is Georgina and I am currently working on a variety of projects. Chief among them at this time are products for Birmingham Artsfest 2010, where I am hosting a small stand as part of the 'Art On The Rails'.

For this I have tailored some of my designs and have been hand-painting them on to t-shirts. I have also been working on various prints and original pieces of artwork, as well as hand-made keyrings and stickers.

In regards to the clothing, as I am an independent designer and will have a limited audience, I am only producing a small number of designs and in limited sizes - these being medium and large in both male and female. However, I am always happy to custom-make a shirt for anyone; please e-mail me (see contact details).

I am also eager to hear what people think of my work, so please feel free to leave a comment!

Happy browsing!

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