18 August 2011

Oh Tropes, how much I love thee

Not sure if anyone else geeks out quite as much as I do over tropes. Here, have a sketchbook page:

Calender Flowers

Here's some scans of the first 4 images of flowers relating to each month of the calender. The calendar itself should be available at Artsfest if all goes well!
Done entirely in markers, apologies for the quick bad-q scan, guys!

1 August 2011

Mushroom Muffins

Doodling with markers. This is classed as a doodle because otherwise I'd have to be ashamed of it.More bits and pieces from the land of sketchbooks. Mostly doodles and stuff, like this mini-yeti comic. It's cute, I want it...Some photoshop warmups that I've been doing with Max trying to keep us both motivated! Rocks. Then I got bored and drew Link from behind. And then a space hopper appeared.

...I don't know either...