19 September 2011

Video Games will Ruin My Life

As said, clearly I play too many video games. I blame this entirely on my friends. You know who you are.

Which is why I'm sharing a sketchbook page covered in Pikmin, due to epic amounts of time being spent playing Pikmin 2...

12 September 2011


So after a successful weekend, I have a few photos to share (courtesy of my sister) of my stand. It was incredibly windy, which made things interesting, and threatened rain on and off (though we only got a little shower). Sadly, I didn't get a chance to look around much, but I did meet lots of interesting people!
Hopefully will be back next year too!

Setting Up Saturday


My stand, with stuff pinned down with clips and rocks due to the wind!

11 September 2011

Other Stuff

For those of you interested, I post a lot of my other work - such as university projects, sketchbook pages, etc - onto my DeviantArt account, as it's easier to manage pictures on there. I tend to use this blog for general work updates with only a picture or two.

The main page is www.resurrectorofthedead.deviantart.com and for some quick links:

Three Floors Up
Illustrated Book Project
Page 1

Sketchbook PagesVarious scans of pages from my sketchbooks

9 September 2011

Artsfest Preparations

Hey guys! Things are almost finished for the Birmingham Artsfest tomorrow! Originals, prints, postcards, zines, badges and stickers, as well as calendars and posters will all be available to purchase, so come along and check it out ;) There's loads on during the weekend, plenty of free concerts and shows, and I'll be set up with the other Art On The Rails people up in Centenary Square. Will hopefully be uploading pictures of the weekend, so everyone hope for nice weather this weekend, ok? Anything I have left over will be sold via this blog after the event, so no worries if you miss anything! See you there ~ G x

6 September 2011

Japanese Bunnies

Some of the originals I'm selling at Artsfest, these are watercolour with gold ink detail. I'll also be selling some postcard-sized prints of them too :)

Spider-Man pressie

It was my cousin's 22nd birthday yesterday, so I painted him this Spider-Man picture. We're both into comics and stuff like that! He's loads better than me at drawing superheroes and robots but I think he liked it anyway :) Done in gouache, I framed it too. Don't know whether to make a print of it for artsfest...maybe not, haha.

3 September 2011

Calendar preview

Artsfest Preparations

Quick update time!

I've been allocated plot 6 at the Birmingham Artsfest, which means I'll be up nearer to the stage outside the Rep, near to where I was last year.

I've got some prints, original pieces, postcards, badges and calendars. If they're finished in time I'll have a few writing paper sets too. Hopefully I'll see you there!