9 September 2011

Artsfest Preparations

Hey guys! Things are almost finished for the Birmingham Artsfest tomorrow! Originals, prints, postcards, zines, badges and stickers, as well as calendars and posters will all be available to purchase, so come along and check it out ;) There's loads on during the weekend, plenty of free concerts and shows, and I'll be set up with the other Art On The Rails people up in Centenary Square. Will hopefully be uploading pictures of the weekend, so everyone hope for nice weather this weekend, ok? Anything I have left over will be sold via this blog after the event, so no worries if you miss anything! See you there ~ G x


  1. Saw you at Artsfest today and bought a bunch of things (along with two of my friends), including the bunny postcards and the 'industrial' set.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Vi! I'm glad you liked them!