31 October 2011

Uni work

Oops, left it a bit long for an update again...been busy with uni work. Here's a couple of finished stuffs:

 For an editorial brief, 'Poisoned Pictures', an article about viruses and trojans being attatched to images in Google image search.
Aaand for our Book Cover brief, the title being 'Occupational Hazards' (this is the penultimate version, the final isn't saved as a compatable image file...) This was actually pretty fun. Might put up some sketches from it later?

14 October 2011

Still no internet, but have some cats

Some work for one of the recent projects at uni, in which my theme was cats / dogs. Here is one of the final pieces which sadly doesn't scan well - it's painted gold and varnished and glittery - and the other is a rough visual based on words with 'cat' in them. Which is your favourite?