22 November 2011

Life Drawing with collage

I very rarely use collage in my work. No particular reason, I've just never been fantastic at it and never bothered to try it much. But as part of our life drawing classes using mixed media we had a session using collage today. And it was pretty fun!
Here's the last two I did (clothed, not nudes), each 35mins, although the shiny paper didn't scan well:

The Adventures Of Cloud and Blue

Some sketchbook scans of an idea I'm in the process of working into a children's book. Just for fun, really, and an excuse to use brush pens more often!
The Adventures of Cloud and Blue will be in two books - one follows Cloud, the other follows Blue. After a snow storm, Cloud finds herself separated from the burrow and must try to find her way home. Meanwhile, Blue sets off to try and find her.

16 November 2011

Doodle Time

Because I wanted to doodle, so here's the Guardian for you. With new threads. Quink ink, watercolour and bleach  in my lil' sketchbook.

14 November 2011

Visual Studies pics

Some images from the last visual studies session, probably will have more soon:
Doodle of Max cutting food up and a self-portrait using Faber Castell Markers. I really, really hate having to do self-portraits. Particularly with only a hand mirror...

12 November 2011

Life Drawing Mixed Media

I'm not normally one who likes mixed media, but this week's life drawing was painting with rags and cardboard, then I messed around using acrylic, ink, and pastel. Clothed figures are a lot different to draw than traditional nudes, but it's fun!