18 December 2012

Xmas Update

Hey guys, I've been working on Victoriana most of the holiday so far, but have been posting a few doodles and bits up on my sketchblog. It's going to be a busy Christmas but we'll see how much work I get done.
Here's a coloured sketch to prove I'm still alive!

12 December 2012

More Character Design

 A continuation of the last post, here's some more character design stuff for my neo-noir movie. Inked by hand and then quick slap of colour on photoshop.
Our heroine (whose name i still haven't decided on - maybe Claire?) in some cool threads. She looks a bit moody, but then an old friend has just turned up dead on her doorstop so it might be excusable.

Anna is currently one of my favourites, which is a shame, since she spends most of the movie dead and only really appears in flashbacks. Here's the proof:

Finally, Liam, who gave me so much trouble and he's still being developed. Such a hard character to pin down! Slowly getting there.
Still a few more central characters to design, then on to storyboarding! I'm looking forward to it!

28 November 2012

Character Design Process

Been working on some character design this week; these show you the process. This heroine is a young reporter whose friend has just shown up dead on her doorstop...

22 November 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Illustrations for a narrative based on the song 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor.
In Japan they have these amazing embroidered satin baseball jackets that look very gangsta, which was the inspiration for this. I've also been experimenting with composition and dramatic effect. Feedback on these is appreciated!

14 November 2012

Character Design

Been ill recently, so decided to redesign an old character of mine to make myself feel better. The new and improved Guardian!

5 November 2012

Have You Tried...Vegetables!

Speculative Illustrations for a series of vegetable-based recipe cards

I've recently started trying to eat healthier, do a little more exercise and so on, which is the inspiration for this.

1 November 2012

Shrimp, The Most Magnificent Sea Creature

The Most Magnificent Sea Creature, the Shrimp
I don't know why either guys.

24 October 2012

'Motion' Visual Essay

 Since finishing up the posters I've spent the last week and a half working on a visual essay focusing on motion, and using Parkour / free running as my inspiration. I'm working towards a possible graphic novel final illustration, but thought I'd share a few of my best sketches first:

There are more scans and images of my sketchbook work, process and sequencing at my SKETCHBLOG if you're interested in seeing more.

7 October 2012

Poster Designs

An inter-department brief at my uni asking for poster designs for the English and Writing Guest Speakers was given to three others and myself. Here are the plain images I produced (text has a possibility of being changed so I've left it out):

 Group poster for the first block of Guest Speakers

Poster for Liz Kessler, well known children's fantasy author

Poster for James Robinson, author of radio dramas for the BBC

3 October 2012


3 day project: Editorial image for an article titled 'Insomnia: Relax...and stop worrying about lack of sleep'.

10 September 2012

Artsfest 2012

Artsfest weekend was a success! Both Max and I had a great time running the stall at the Art on the Rails pitch in Centenary Square. We met a lot of lovely people, sold some artwork, and roasted in the sun. Some people I met last year also visited us which was great!

And as promised, here is the finished video game A-Z, A3 poster which sold out over the weekend. Can you name them all?

And for anyone who missed out on grabbing one at Artsfest, you can purchase the poster HERE.

3 September 2012

Gaming A - Z (preview)

Artsfest is approaching, so if you're in Birmingham on Saturday or Sunday the 8th and 9th of September drop by the Art on the Rails to say hi to the wonderful Max and me! Here's a preview of an A to Z of video games I've played which I've been working on for artsfest. See if you can get them all!

2 August 2012

Gaming icons

A few bits from a gaming A-Z zine I'm working on every now and again...ink brush and coloured in photoshop. Think these ones are obvious? Any feedback on these styles is appreciated!

1 August 2012

Illustration Friday - Lonely

Theme this week was 'Lonely':
Did a quick doodle, fineliners and watercolours, for this one.

Illustration Friday : http://illustrationfriday.com/

22 July 2012

Summer Doodles

Hey, so I'm still alive, drawing and enjoying the summer. Will be updating again with some bits and pieces but have some doodles of Michael until then :)

7 July 2012

Bits and bunnies

So I've returned home for a week, which means I get to see the rabbits, which makes me very happy. They're so cute and watching them is so funny. Cloud is just a ball of fluff!
At least I'm drawing again instead of playing Diablo 3...

The Hulk picture, I don't even know guys. It was fun? Quick splash of colour in PS :)

23 June 2012

Goal Required

So today Max and I did some drawing in Falmouth (or, he did and I complained about the cold more than I drew). The results of which are above though the digital colour was added later.

But seriously I need some goal to aim for, it's hard to get the inspiration otherwise. At least now I have time to plow on with Victioriana...

14 June 2012

And away!

2nd year of Uni is over, just waiting on the results now. Been manic recently - had an interview for an internship at Disney online in London and my sister came down to stay for a week during which we had epic marathons of Game of Thrones (oh yes). Been doing some doodles in the meantime, trying to get back into the swing of things, and this one is what I did while watching '24 hours in A&E', a great TV programme that reminds me of my sister (who's doing nursing). Fineliner, scanned and messed around with colours etc on the PC (although I have a MacBook now, still getting it set up). About an hour's worth of work but hopefully will be posting more later.

Arrivederci amigos!

29 May 2012

Yo Kiwi CD cover

Way back at the beginning of negotiated projects, I started a brief to design a CD cover for my band Yo Kiwi. Unfortunately I was ill for most of the second of the two weeks I set and have only just got around to finishing some of the artwork! This is the cover for our single, 'Sol Man'. To have a listen head to http://www.facebook.com/yokiwiband/app_178091127385 .

8 May 2012

Reportage - Japan Project

As promised, here are the final reportage illustrations from my time in Japan. Both are drawn by hand and coloured digitally.



4 May 2012

Tokyo Linearts

More work from Japan project including final isolated lineart for Tokyo...

29 April 2012

Puffin Post cover

So it's a bit late, but I've done a cover for the Puffin Post competition - it's a kid's magazine by the editor of Puffin books. I wanted to do a night-time scene, and this is based off an experience I had with my dad, so hope you all like it. (It's a little off-center to incorporate the bleed edges). Haven't done anything completely digital for ages...

26 April 2012

Japan Development

 Further work building on the stuff I draw in Japan / photos I took etc. And Eva 02, which we saw, and which was awesome if gross. Mix of media here: watercolour, gouache, ink.

25 April 2012

Doodles from Japan!

The reason for my long absence recently was due to my being in Japan on a much-anticipated holiday with my sister!! We've been wanting to go for years and finally managed to, much thanks to my wonderful mother!  Was too busy sightseeing to do much drawing but here are a few sketches: