13 March 2012

Just Because

I really enjoyed doodling these way back during the old book cover project so decided to finish them up and make a mini-zine out of them. Why not? Although I have plenty of other stuff to be working on I couldn't focus until I got this out of my system!

8 March 2012

Book Cover - Eye in the Sky

1 week, Thursday to Thursday, spent on a book cover project for the book 'Eye In The Sky' by Philip K. Dick. It's one of his lesser-known but awesome books.

Some development work from my sketchbook:

1 March 2012

How to Eat a Digestive Biscuit

Just in case you were wondering what the correct way to eat a digestive biscuit was.
Mini-zine illustrated with sepia ink. And yes, this is how I eat digestive biscuits, and spend my spare time.