29 April 2012

Puffin Post cover

So it's a bit late, but I've done a cover for the Puffin Post competition - it's a kid's magazine by the editor of Puffin books. I wanted to do a night-time scene, and this is based off an experience I had with my dad, so hope you all like it. (It's a little off-center to incorporate the bleed edges). Haven't done anything completely digital for ages...

26 April 2012

Japan Development

 Further work building on the stuff I draw in Japan / photos I took etc. And Eva 02, which we saw, and which was awesome if gross. Mix of media here: watercolour, gouache, ink.

25 April 2012

Doodles from Japan!

The reason for my long absence recently was due to my being in Japan on a much-anticipated holiday with my sister!! We've been wanting to go for years and finally managed to, much thanks to my wonderful mother!  Was too busy sightseeing to do much drawing but here are a few sketches: