23 June 2012

Goal Required

So today Max and I did some drawing in Falmouth (or, he did and I complained about the cold more than I drew). The results of which are above though the digital colour was added later.

But seriously I need some goal to aim for, it's hard to get the inspiration otherwise. At least now I have time to plow on with Victioriana...

14 June 2012

And away!

2nd year of Uni is over, just waiting on the results now. Been manic recently - had an interview for an internship at Disney online in London and my sister came down to stay for a week during which we had epic marathons of Game of Thrones (oh yes). Been doing some doodles in the meantime, trying to get back into the swing of things, and this one is what I did while watching '24 hours in A&E', a great TV programme that reminds me of my sister (who's doing nursing). Fineliner, scanned and messed around with colours etc on the PC (although I have a MacBook now, still getting it set up). About an hour's worth of work but hopefully will be posting more later.

Arrivederci amigos!