24 October 2012

'Motion' Visual Essay

 Since finishing up the posters I've spent the last week and a half working on a visual essay focusing on motion, and using Parkour / free running as my inspiration. I'm working towards a possible graphic novel final illustration, but thought I'd share a few of my best sketches first:

There are more scans and images of my sketchbook work, process and sequencing at my SKETCHBLOG if you're interested in seeing more.

7 October 2012

Poster Designs

An inter-department brief at my uni asking for poster designs for the English and Writing Guest Speakers was given to three others and myself. Here are the plain images I produced (text has a possibility of being changed so I've left it out):

 Group poster for the first block of Guest Speakers

Poster for Liz Kessler, well known children's fantasy author

Poster for James Robinson, author of radio dramas for the BBC

3 October 2012


3 day project: Editorial image for an article titled 'Insomnia: Relax...and stop worrying about lack of sleep'.