28 November 2012

Character Design Process

Been working on some character design this week; these show you the process. This heroine is a young reporter whose friend has just shown up dead on her doorstop...

22 November 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Illustrations for a narrative based on the song 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor.
In Japan they have these amazing embroidered satin baseball jackets that look very gangsta, which was the inspiration for this. I've also been experimenting with composition and dramatic effect. Feedback on these is appreciated!

14 November 2012

Character Design

Been ill recently, so decided to redesign an old character of mine to make myself feel better. The new and improved Guardian!

5 November 2012

Have You Tried...Vegetables!

Speculative Illustrations for a series of vegetable-based recipe cards

I've recently started trying to eat healthier, do a little more exercise and so on, which is the inspiration for this.

1 November 2012

Shrimp, The Most Magnificent Sea Creature

The Most Magnificent Sea Creature, the Shrimp
I don't know why either guys.