30 April 2013

Spectrum Character Design

Hey all! Here are the updated character designs for the three main player characters from Spectrum (a mobile game concept I'm working on). You may have seen the initial designs on my sketchblog, but these are the relatively final images:

Scarlett, the close-range fighter type

Klein, the defensive builder type

Blaine, the long-range fighter type

And a bonus experimental gif of Scarlett! 

My business cards are here as well and we're all getting ready to head off to London next week so might be too busy to update for a little while, but will still be putting up some rougher work on my sketchblog. I'm also going to be doing a giveaway once I've completed 50 pokemon warmups, so keep an eye out!

18 April 2013

Business Cards!

It's almost time for our trip to London to meet agents and companies, and the New Designers show is also coming up fast, so most of the class has been working on getting some business cards made up - including yours truly!
Mine are supposed to be varied in style but still cohesive as a representation of what I do and how I draw or visualise. Here are the final designs to be sent off tomorrow:

And on the back of all of them will be this:


Some of my classmates reckon the back image is a bit intimidating, but I'm only smiling! I don't really like drawing myself but I am proud of my hat. Also redesigned my website if you haven't seen it yet!

14 April 2013

Fun times!

You know that feeling where you want to draw, but don't know what? And how you work on something for hours but end up disliking it...

Business card design number one!