30 July 2013

I want to live in a Container House one day

Recently I was researching about modified shipping containers turned into studios and homes as a means of cheaper, recyclable living space.

As it happens I just completed a commission for something very similar - Accessory Dwelling Units! These are mini houses built on property or converted garages. They're pretty popular in Portland US at the moment.

Much thanks to my friend Jack for putting my name forward for the job! It's a speculative image, but here's hoping it'll lead to more work. If not - one for the portfolio!

I also did a few black and white drawings of tea leaves for another commission which sadly fell through.

And to top it all off, I've almost finished doing up the spare room into a study/studio room. I'm in shared housing so I wanted to make sure the room is usable by others as well! Once it's finished I'll post up some pictures here. All I can say is...thank you, IKEA!

More updates soon!

7 July 2013

Drawing Dogs

New Designers was fantastic, it was great to see so many incredibly talented people! There's been some interest in my work as a result, so it's been worth the stress of it all.

In the meantime (while looking for work) I've been talking with my wonderful mother about a story idea she's had - which I love - but involves drawing dogs...which are something I'm not used to drawing, so I've been experimenting with my style, seeing how it looks. Here's some initial sketches for you!

A Cockapoo. Essentially a mass of black curls...couldn't have picked a harder breed to start with!
A German Shepherd. One of my favourite breeds! This one is only a youngster!

Slightly more cartoony style to get across expressions better.

I'll try and keep updating more often, and will be doing an overhaul on my website sometime soon. Don't forget there's also my sketchbook link in the meantime!

2 July 2013

Officially graduated, but still working!

My year finally got our results and I have officially graduated - now into the wide world of work. I've been super busy with moving and networking, but here's a few things I've been doing in the meantime.

Image inspired by Maduk's song, 'Ghost Assassin'

Sketching at the hostel (in colour).
I'm currently in London for the New Designer's show this year, so if you see me around - I'll be wearing my badge hat - come up and say hi!