27 August 2013

Pacific Rim was Awesome

It's no secret that I love movies and often go to the cinema with my sister or mom. I went recently to see Pacific Rim with my sister, and the both of us are Neon Genesis Evangelion fans so we were understandably excited. I loved it so much I went to see it again with my mom! It had its flaws but was a great bit of monster vs. robot fun.

As a result I decided I'd draw up a bit of Pacific Rim artwork (I'm also compiling a rocking playlist to go with it!) and this is the result!

15 August 2013

More dog sketches

Life is still up in the air at the moment, so here, have some sketches of Jack Russells.

This dog is hard to draw. I'm not sure what style to go for either hence the variety. We'll see how things go!